• Public Relations

    To sustain your business in today’s economy, you need to communicate prominent messages that will stand out and target your specific audience.  Nearly every mention of a company in newspapers and magazines is a direct result of publicity efforts (Public Relations efforts).  Being quoted or featured in an article speaks volumes to readers (your potential customers) about your expertise and credibility.  News about your accomplishments will capture the eye of your target audience.

    Public Relations

We often hear the phrase “I need to do something to market my business.”  We hear you.  It isn’t easy choosing the right PR and marketing firm, and it is hard to know the right tactics to take in order to launch your company into a new look or changing ethos.  However, we can tell you this..it is worth it!   We can also tell you…you have come to the right place.  We are relevant, we are smart, and we are savvy.

Moreover:  we get to work.  And we work hard.

  • We position your company as the credible and the most valuable by leveraging your strengths in light of current trending
  •  As we craft programs to strengthen your brand – we don’t just make you visible – we make you relevant
  • As we work for you creating your best image – we think like an investigative reporter – always asking the what and why questions, just like your customers would…our content writing is sharp, clean and noticeable.

Conrad Public Relations is your expert for:

  • Public Relations programs
  • Brand identification and awareness
  • Social Media to include social media management, advertising and workshops
  • Build  and maintain Websites
  • Recruitment
  • Event and email marketing campaigns
  • Graphic Design services
  • Advertising
  • Online marketing campaigns (eNewsletters, etc.)
  • Ecommerce consultation and writing
  • White papers

Conrad Public Relations will turn your awards, product acquisitions, new programs and photos of your work into tomorrow’s “don’t miss” news and show you how they can extend the shelf life of that article beyond today’s newspaper or this month’s magazine.  We will headline your business to your target audience with successful branding and leverage marketing trends to bring your business to the forefront of the end user’s minds.