Cause Marketing

Case Study

San Diego CLCA:  TERI Outreach Humanitarian Project:  March 2019

Members from the San Diego chapter of the CLCA collaborated with TERI Coutry School – a school serving a wide age range of  individuals with developmental and learning disabilities and their supporting their families – to build an edible garden and outdoor classroom.  Stakeholders from the CLCA included landscape contractor members volunteering labor hours and associate members donating material to make the gardens and classroom become a reality for the TERI students.

Conrad PR leveraged the humanitarian effort to secure coverage and brand awareness for the CLCA and its members, as well as build morale and a sense of investment for the association.  We shaped a program to document the build from the before and after stages, interviewing all stakeholders as the project progressed.  Conrad PR filmed a montage video to document the build and provided it to all stakeholders as a marketing piece at the unveiling of the finished product.

Conrad PR also hosted a media day for the unveiling of the final product.  Stakeholders and TERI students planted the garden side by side while local broadcast news stations filmed all the action.  Conrad PR encouraged each stakeholder to wear branded company clothing, hats and uniforms for the day and we directed tv crews to interview as many stakeholders as possible.  Securing coverage that aired later that evening boosted morale for the association, as well as gave the opportunity for the individual stakeholders to receive exposure for their own brand.

The TERI CLCA San Diego partner project was used as cause marketing:  from the project’s beginnings – to the final build – to the PR and marketing program surrounding it – developed a community of people from the same industry to come together for an interest beyond their every day tasks.  Doing so, the community can focus in on topics that don’t seem as mundane as they might originally may be, and participants can come away with a “feel good” memory of the experience and those directors who made the experience come to life. Cause marketing is brand awareness in the subconcious.  If a company backs a good memory or a strong belief or a good experience, that company can be trusted, listened to….credited!  The product and service that comes with their identity becomes QUALITY.  


San Diego non-profits team up to create California’s first outdoor classroom

Special needs students to participate in new, one-of-a-kind learning

WHAT                        On Friday, March 22, Calif Landscape Contractors Assn of San Diego (CLCA SD) members will be placing the finishing touches at TERI Country School to develop a one-of-a kind outdoor classroom for TERI students. The edible garden and outdoor classroom will be where students will learn about sustainability, a rare subject taught at a group home for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. CLCA member crews are donating their labor and one hundred percent of the materials to create the teaching space. All building materials will be sustainable.

CLCA SD member crews will be building a 4000 sq ft classroom at one of TERI’s 13 group homes, Grace House.  The classroom will serve approx. 30 students and will provide them with job opportunities to support their program.



  • Crews from competitive and high profile landscape contractor companies will be planting, hauling out, laying foundations, installing hi-tech irrigation and more
  • Bright, beautiful and seasonal ornamental plant, vegetables and fruit will be newly planted
  • World manufacturer Hunter Industries will speak about the importance of smart irrigation and key landscape industry leaders in San Diego can speak to sustainable materials and practices used on site
  • Head project manager and president-elect Willie Valdez as well as CLCA SD president Rick Mandel will be on hand. Willie Valdez is bi-lingual.
  • Families with children who will be attending this school will be on hand for on-camera interviews.

WHO                                                   TERI Inc., a nonprofit organization founded in 1980, is changing the way the world sees and empowers people with special needs. TERI specializes in setting quality standards for individuals of all ages with a wide range of developmental and learning disabilities and supporting their families. TERI serves more than 800 families in Southern California with more than 19 programs based at its main campus in Oceanside, California, as well as in residential homes throughout the area. The organization’s more than 500 dedicated staff members provide educational, social, and vocational opportunities in a positive, supportive environment. TERI has been nationally and internationally recognized as a leader for its successful and innovative model programming and training. For more information, please visit:

CLCA SD is the only non-profit, statewide trade association of licensed landscape and landscape-related specialty contractors. CLCA SD is an active force in San Diego’s effort to conserve water and promote sustainability in the County’s landscapes. Find more information about the CLCA SD chapter on the web at


WHY                                                    In this garden and teaching space, TERI students will be growing organic produce, practicing water conservation, solar and composting. Students will be provided with job opportunities to support their program as students start their own enterprises selling the produce that they grow.(to staff and houses and at farmer’s markets).


TERI believes the best way to impact a family’s dynamic with food is through the children. This outdoor classroom allows the foundation to start the shift of the students’ family dynamic at home to a healthier place.


CONTACT                               For Media Inquiries, contact:  Amy at 619-733-6538 or